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spacerAlla Famiglia Brand is a collection of hand-crafted recipes from the Burzese family that are passionately prepared with the very same techniques that we have used in our restaurant over the past decade.

The Story Behind the Sauce

In the year 1912, Dominic Burzese arrived in New York after a long transatlantic journey from the Commune di Patrica in Lazio, Italy. On the shores of Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty provided a beacon of hope–the promise of a better life for Dominic and his family. Steel manufacturing in Pittsburgh was growing into an industry that would provide financial opportunity for immigrants in America. Young Dominic became a man, working in the steel mills during the day and as a stone mason at night. While establishing roots in Ambridge, Dominic met his wife, Anna. Anna's family, immigrants from the Emilia Romagna region of Italy, ran a local fish market. Dominic first laid eyes on Anna in the market. Dominic worked long days and tireless nights to support his new wife and four daughters. Tending to big gardens, raising pigs, cows, and chickens, he was able to feed his his family just as his father had, back in the the old country. Canning farm-grown produce in the harvest season for consumption over the long, harsh winters was not an option, but a necessity to provide nutrition for his family. What is now a luxury was, at those times, merely a way of life. We are practicing these same old-world traditions every day at our restaurant. And now you can enjoy this labor of love at home.


spacerThe Mother Marinara

This recipe is simple, as marinara should be. Fresh Italian tomatoes, first-press extra virgin olive oil, sweet basil, and garlic. Naturally gluten-free, freshest and finest quality. This product is wonderful on its own, but nevertheless, a “mother sauce” that is able to be trasnsformed into many other recipes, as Chef Jonathan demonstrates you in his instructional videos. The same exact recipes from our kitchen in the restaurant you can effortlessly prepare for your family.

The Vodka Sauce

This sauce is simply The Mother Marinara perfectly blended with farm-fresh cream and the finest Russian vodka.

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