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Alla Famiglia Brand is a collection of hand-crafted recipes from the Burzese family that are passionately prepared with the very same techniques that we have used in our restaurant over the past decade.

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Chef Jonathan Vlasic
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Chef Jonathan Vlasic is a Pittsburgh household name for delivering excellent food, experience, and entertainment to his guests. He is formally trained and has 25 years of industry experience, over 16 of which owning Alla Famiglia. Jonathan puts the same amount of work ethic and integrity into his retail products as does in his restaurants. We hope you enjoy this passion and hard work.

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100 years to the Family

In the year 1912, Dominic Burzese arrived in New York. While establishing roots in Ambridge, Dominic met his wife, Anna. Together they would can their home-grown produce in the harvest season for consumption over the long, harsh winters. At our restaurant, we are practicing these same old-world traditions every day at our restaurant. And now you can enjoy this labor of love at home.

The Restaurant

Alla Famiglia has been a lighthouse beacon of consistency for 23 years, and is favorite amongst Pittsburghers and travelers to the steel city. Enjoy fresh fish, aged steaks, homemade pastas, and the most tender veal. Always using the finest ingredients. Our award winning wine list will satisfy the most experienced wine critic with a focus on Italian vino, but also a diverse selection of domestic and French as well. If you find yourself traveling to our town, we welcome you to dine with us. We have complimentary shuttle service from all of the metropolitan hotels.


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