The Flavors of our Family

The sauce you’re about to enjoy has been on quite a journey. It began in a small village just up the coast from Naples and was passed down through generations. A little was added here and there. Ingredients changed a little to suit the love to America. And the flavors were honed in our restaurant overlooking Downtown Pittsburgh. Every ingredient, every recipe has been perfected and fussed over for generations. These are the flavors of our family. And it’s a taste your family will love.

The Alla Famiglia Story:

From an amazing restaurant to supermarket stand out.
A truly special restaurant will spend years perfecting its recipes, and Alla Famiglia certainly has the reputation, and taste, to qualify as a truly special restaurant. But they wanted to push the brand further with a line of bottled sauces and flavored oils.

Certainly anyone who’d been to the restaurant would jump at the chance to buy their sauce, and there was some pretty heavy demand from retailers. It’s just not that easy transitioning recipes from a few hundred servings to a few thousand gallons. While they focused on bringing their flavor to the masses, we focused on bringing the right look to all those bottles about to roll off the production line.

We walked down dozens of visual avenues so that we could find the right combination of modern and traditional to suit their approach to food. Pretty quickly in the process, everyone involved realized that we really needed to tell the Alla Famiglia story in a way resonate with shoppers – and would give them just enough of a sense of the restaurant experience so that they’d want to buy it.

The story on the sauce jars is as much the story of the chef’s family as it is about the restaurant. But in the oil and dressing, we talk a little bit more about the process of being dedicated to making every element the best it can be. Our goal was to bring the restaurant experience home – much in the same way that these Alla Famiglia products bring the taste of the restaurant home.

Garlic and Rosemary

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